Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Early summer Favorties

2 more weeks before I get to see my garden again, but the ones at home are taking good care of it.

                                                                         summer 2010

 Each month the garden gives us different favorites, early in the year around the middle of June we have lettuce and spinach. The kids really don't like spinach cooked and neither do I so we have lots of salads. Then next is the broccoli, I didn't plant any this year but the kids love to cut some off and have it with dip for a snack.

summer 2010

Strawberries are another early summer favorite the first ones from the garden just eaten as they are picked, and then a trip to the strawberry farm to pick buckets full to eat, and freeze. There is nothing better then eating strawberries in the middle of a snowy winter, thinking about the fun you had picking them on a bright summer day.

What are your favorite spring/ early summer garden veggies ?

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