Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh my I forgot to teach them to cook

I realized when my 19 year old son called and asked how to cook corn, not corn on the cob, or even frozen corn but canned corn that some of the children are lacking some very important skills. My 17 yo daughter can cook just about anything and since she does such a great job when I have needed help in the kitchen I have called on her.

      They are quite good at playing with their food

This summer things are changing I am going to make a effort to teach the 19, 14, 13 ,and 10 year old to cook and bake. It is the perfect time of the year as we do not have many evening activities this time of the year, and the kids usually are home for dinner.

  banana cream pie - Nolan wants it, he gets to make it.

I plan on having each child in the kitchen at least once a week, working aside me in following a recipe, and learning to prepare that recipe. The goal is that by the end of August they will be able to prepare at least 3 different meals from start to finish and I will have 4 new cooks that can help out in a pinch.

As far as what recipes we are going to learn, that is still in the planning process, but they will all be things that they love to eat and baking will be simple muffins, quick breads, cakes and so on.

My 17 yo dd on the other hand is going to work on some bread baking, canning, and food shopping with me.

And what about the 5yo well he always in the kitchen with me anyway so I am not going to worry about him yet.

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