Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cleaning out kid clothes

This weeks household project is the kids clothes, some kids have received clothes for Christmas, and others have been blessed by cousins cleaning out their closets. I also have at least 3 kids who have grown taller since September. Plus the kids still have Christmas money  and since they have already bought new games, the rest mom says can go toward clothing needs.

 My husband also had mentioned to me the our favorite thrift store is having a 1/2 off sale this month. The best way to take advantage of this sale is to have a list of what is really needed for each person. So this week I get to tackle the younger 4 kids closets, sorting out what is to small, to worn, what they won't wear and what still fits. Some will be boxed up for cousins, others bagged up for the thrift store, and some passed on to another sibling.

As I sort out their clothes I will be making a list of things that are needed, and their measurements. I have learned over the years which kids to take with me on these trips and that would not be all of them. On these big sale days the store is packed and the lines are long, so some kids are much happier left at home. As long as I have a list, a measuring tape and there measurements this is not a problem.

I will post some photo's next week when this project is over.

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