Saturday, January 7, 2012

OMAC- Chicken

Yesterday my husband was able to give me some of my food budget early, normally I wouldn't have gone shopping until next Friday. But since he was leaving on a trip he was able to give me some of it upfront. I was very thankful because this week my favorite store had chicken on sale. So a case of chicken breasts was 63 dollars for 40 lbs. Out of this I made 15 meals for the freezer each made for 8 servings.

I ended up with 3 trays of  lightened-up-crispy-cheddar-chicken but I used the regular not lite products as I was using what I had on hand, 3 trays of chicken-parmigiana  which are still in the fridge I was to tried last night to finish them, 2 trays of cranberry-chicken , 2 trays of teriyaki-honey-chicken , 3 trays of  grilled-chicken-cheese-enchiladas , and 2 bags of chicken cut up and ready for sweet and sour chicken.. Not bad for 3 hours of work in the kitchen.

And the only thing I had to buy at the store was chicken, the rest was already in my pantry.

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