Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013 Spring/ Summer Menu

I like to plan a six week menu at a time I have one for the Fall/ Winter and one for the Summer/ Spring. 

The kids take turns helping to cook dinner. Monday's is my son Nolan, Tuesday's is Aidan, Wednesday's Pat, Thursday's Kathryn, Friday's Conner, and Saturday and Sunday me and Sarah. With work schedules this sometimes changes but we try to make it work.

The menu is only a guide if I have left overs that need to be used a meal may be bumped for the leftovers. If I find a great price on a different cut of meat I'll get it and fit it in somewhere. Most of our meals are chicken and ground beef based.

There is also a bit of a theme to the days

Sunday- is a meal that takes a lot of effort and time
Monday- is Mexican based
Tuesday- is crock pot and odd meals the kids like
Wednesday- is grill based meals
Thursday- is pasta
Friday - is pizza
Saturday - is soup, salad and bread. The soup and bread I make up in the morning before the day gets busy.

Week A

Sunday- Ham, veggie, potato

Monday- Taco's

Tuesday- Beef Stew

Wednesday- Spidie Chicken w/ rice and green veggie

Thursday- Ravioli w/ white and red sauce

Friday- Pizza, and fresh veggies

Saturday- Olive Garden Soup w bread and salad

Week B

Sunday- Chinese Chicken w/ fried rice and homemade egg rolls

Monday- Chicken Fajita

Tuesday- Sloppy Joes w/ French Fries

Wednesday- Grilled Chicken w/ rice and veggie

Thursday- Cheesy shells w/ tuna and peas

Friday- Pizza and fresh veggies

Week C

Sunday- Mini Meatloaf

Monday- Chicken Enclidia

Tuesday- Chicken and Biscuits

Wednesday- BBQ Chicken w/ sides

Thursday- Beef Risotto w/ green side

Friday- Pizza with veggies

Saturday- Chicken Noodle soup

Week D

Sunday- Chicken Parmesan

Monday- Taco Salad

Tuesday- Honey and Sesame Chicken

Wednesday- Hamburger w/ mac salad

Thursday- Tri color pasta w/ chicken

Friday- Pizza, and fresh veggies

Saturday- Potato soup w/ bread and salad

Week E

Sunday - Chicken Tenders w/ potato and green veggie

Monday- Cheesy Beef Mac w/ green veggie

Tuesday- Cranberry Chicken w/ rice and veggie

Wednesday- Hot dogs w/ mac and cheese and baked beans

Thursday- Pasta w/ meatballs and salad

Friday- Pizza and salad

Saturday- Navy Bean Soup bread and salad

Week F

Sunday- Turkey pot pie or chicken Cordon blue

Monday- Taco's

Tuesday- Tuna Casserole w/ green salad

Wednesday- Italian Sausage or Chicken Sausage w/ rice and green veggie

Thursday- Star pasta w/ salad

Friday- Pizza w/ salad

Saturday- Chili w/ bread and salad

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