Saturday, July 13, 2013


This is a time of waiting in the garden, the spring veggies have been eaten and yet the summer ones are not quite ready to eat. Soon so very soon but not for today's dinner, so what is a gardener to do but pull out the cook books or in this day in age search the web.

I have plans yummy plans that are just waiting on the garden.

These peppers will be eaten in stir fry's, on pizza, and cut up and frozen for winter.

This zucchini needs to grow faster, I have very yummy plans for this one.It will be cut up breaded,and fried as a treat. Then of course there is zucchini to freeze and to bake and oh so many things.

Tomatoes,so many tomatoes are growing in the garden. BLT's, salad's, canned for winter pizza's and pasta, dried into tomato powder oh so many things.

And there is more growing corn not enough for more then a dinner, plenty of green beans, cucumbers, melons, winter squash, potatoes, kale, rutabaga, and more.

And while we wait for all of this to grow mother nature has given us these growing wild along the long driveway to enjoy.

And this year for the first time all of these seeds are heirloom seeds, so we will see how the harvest goes. The radish, lettuces, and spinach this spring were all very yummy. Looking forward to replanting them in a few weeks to see if I can get a fall harvest.

So how does your garden grow?

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