Monday, January 20, 2014

Shortcuts in the Kitchen

Tonight's dinner is Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas, it is dinner that uses a lot of my favorite short cuts to make. The recipe I use is from a friends site Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas Recipie, we just leave out the peppers and serve with salsa.

First I cooked the chicken in the crock-pot , all I did was I toss the chicken in the crock-pot with a bit of salt and pepper and out the door I went. 

Later when I got home I used another of my favorite short-cuts, shredding chicken with my kitchen aid mixer. If you have a kitchen aid mixer and need to shred chicken it is something you just have to do the very next time you need shredded chicken or just add shredded chicken to the menu tomorrow, it is that much fun. 

I went years before learning the trick and it makes me sad to think of all those years I could have been having  fun shredding. All you do is toss the cooked chicken into the mixer, use the beater blade on the lower setting and in seconds you have beautiful shredded chicken. 

The final short- cut that this meal used, was the Make One Freeze One method of cooking. I don't have time to do large all day cooking events like I used to, when I was able to take a Saturday and cook all day for the month. 

So something that I do is when I have a meal that will freeze well I make one for dinner and one for the freezer. That way on days when life is more hectic or I am leaving the thirteen year old in charge of dinner we will have something eat that isn't pasta and sauce. Even though we do eat plenty of pasta and sauce.

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  1. I do the same thing to shred chicken. I wish I'd learned that trick earlier too. And making 2 meals at once is always a good idea. Your enchiladas sound good. Thanks for sharing the link to the recipe.