Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I need my quite mornings

I am not a morning person, in that while I regularly wake up at 5:30 am, please don't expect me to want to interact with anyone. Lately as  in the last 3 days I have a little one who has been getting up at the same time as I do.

That is just not allowed, per my way of thinking. I have my morning routine, get up let the dog out, feed the animals and then some time on the computer, start a to-do list. By then I might be able to acknowledge you, but still don't expect me to meet any of your needs. Once I have the laundry going, breakfast started, and lunches packed I might want to talk to you. And weekends really children should not be up before 8, I need that extra bit of quite that I don't get on school days.

But the "little one" just doesn't get it, he wants to eat, he wants to use my computer, he wants to talk about important things, and so on. So what we have is a conflict of wants and needs, what I want or I view as a need, and the same for him to me what he views as needs I view as his wants.

What to do about this, today's solution was to send him to my room with the tv remote, and a bowl of cearl. Along with a prayer that tomorrow he will sleep a bit more tomorrow.

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