Friday, March 25, 2011

A Kitchen Day in Review

Yesterday I spent a day in the kitchen, working on making some easy meals for the upcoming baseball and track season.

The first thing to be made was Hidden Veggie Pasta Sauce , since it is winter still here and I do not have garden produce yet I used veggies frozen from last years garden. I let that simmer in the big roaster oven while I moved onto baking.

Next up was 8 loves of French Bread these I worked on over the course of the day, in the end my daughter Sarah made 4 loves into french bread pizza. They were frozen then bagged, enough for 2 meals, on a busy night all that needs to happen is for them to be pulled out heated in the oven add a salad and some fresh veggies. Two more loves were made into garlic bread, and the last two are for today's lunch.

While the bread was baking I started on the stuffed shells, these are very easy to make. The filling was 5lb ricotta cheese, 2 lb cottage cheese ( small curd), 4 eggs, 2 TB Italian seasoning, and 8 cups of mozzarella cheese all mixed together. Boil the large stuffing shells until slightly soft , rinse and cool. Fill a gallon zip lock bag half way with the filling and cut off the cornor and use as a piping bag to fill the shells.

 Then sit down at the table, start the current episode of Castle on the computer and stuff the shells. I place mine in a disposalable pan with some sauce on the bottom, for us I place 30 shells in each pan so 3-4 shells per person. Cover with more sauce, top with some mozzarella, cover and freeze. We now have 3 of these meals in the freezer ready to go for a easy dinner some night.

Then it was onto the calzones I made the dough using this recipe but times it by 4, using the leftover stuffed shell filling, more mozzarella, and pepperoni for the filling ( no sauce in the calzone, but on the side for dipping). I made 8 large clazones figuring on three a meal, we had 3 last night for dinner, and have 5 left in the freezer so enough for one more dinner meal, and a lunch. The ones for the freezer  I par baked, baking them for only 10 minutes.

The last thing to be made was 21 instant oatmeal packets. In a sandwich size Ziploc bag place:

1/4 cup quick oats
1/4 cup baby oat flakes ( Our local bulk store carries this)
1 TB brown sugar
1tsp Milk powder
a pinch of salt
1/4 tsp cinn

when it's time for breakfast, dump one packet into a bowl, add 1 cup of boiling water, cover, let sit for a minute or two and enjoy. I did add a bit more brown sugar when I sat down to eat, and next time I plan on adding some walnuts.

I did have plans to make muffins for the freezer also but, that was bit to much to get done so that has been put aside till later.

I forgot I also cooked up pinto beans for re fried beans in the crock pot. It's a real easy way to cook beans that I learned from a friend. Rinse your beans, then place in crock pot, fill to top with water and let cook on low for 6 hours. After the beans were cooked I froze them in 2 cup sizes to make re fried beans.

And the rest of the sauce was also frozen in the right amounts for dipping the calzones in and a spaghetti meal.


  1. That is just an amazing amount of work you got done!! How inspiring!!

  2. So what meals did you come up with for baseball days? That's on my agenda for this week, as baseball season officially starts on the 16th. Have a great day!

  3. The french bread pizza, calzones, taco fixings( pre cook and season the meat then frezze). Anything that I can walk in the house and have dinner on the table in the time it takes the baseball child to shower ( about 15 min). Ham rolls are good to. We usally add salad,and fresh veggies to any of these meals.