Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reward Charts

Reward charts are a form of positive reinforcement that we have used many times over the years usually between ages 4 and 10. In order for charts to work you first need a goal what is it that you want to change in your child.

This time around it is our 4 almost 5 yo who needs to go to bed in his own room each night, next you need a reward. Aidan really wants his own t-ball bat and while this was going to be his birthday gift it will make a perfect reward for him.

Next you need to set a time in which to earn the reward, this time around it is 10 nights in his bed, we are not expecting him to do this 10 nights in a row,even though that would be really nice. Each day he wakes up in his own bed he gets a sticker to place on his chart, which is a piece a paper numbered 1-10 taped to his bedroom wall.

This is a multi step plan, the first is 10 nights in his bed - reward t-ball bat, next it is 10 days in bed staying there after a story- reward lunch out with Mom, and then 10 days in a row. Of course we are going to hopefully meet these goals just in time to travel for a month which will totally confuse him. There never seems to be the perfect time to get this done.

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