Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring clean up

This year I was worried that we would never see the grass again or have a day nice enough to get the yard cleaned up. Well earlier this week after looking at the weather report, and the kids activies ,today was going to be the perfect day to get this done. We were even lucky enough that my oldest was home for the day and Nolan had a friend over who was willing to work along side him.
Kathryn hard at work picking up 6months of dog mess

                                The driveway mess, this is what happens when you can't park in your driveway for almost 6 months out of the year.                                  
Conner and Sarah working on pulling out all the trees that are around the pool, getting ready for some weed block and stone to be put in later this month.
                                Dad in charge of the fire, kids job find things to burn
                                the front is looking better, more to do, but a big improvement
The driveway, some trash to take to mom's, and a shed that is job for another day.
A very big trash pile, might need to pay the trash lady extra this week

Aidan ready for hard work, he was great at taking branches to dad, and using his wagon.

Sarah trying to get dad to sing Girl Scout songs.

There is more to do like digging garden beds, cleaning out flower beds, stones around the pool, and more picking up to get done. One or two more work days and it will be done just in time for the mowing to began.
Today would have been a great day to hang out laundry  but the yard clean- up was a bigger job. In order to get this done we had a nice breakfast looked at what needed to be done and split up the jobs.

I was in charge of the front yard and my work crew was Kathryn and Aidan, before they headed off to help in other areas. Don was in charge of the back yard and his crew was Conner and Sarah , Patrick was in charge of the driveway with Nolan and his friend . In the end we all helped where we were needed, and the fire was more fun then picking up trash in the front yard.      

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