Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A day in my life

I am sitting enjoying a bit of quite after another busy day, the youngest two are off to Kid's Club till 8, the husband is at play practice, and oldest dd is off with friends and the two boys left at home are off reading.

I decided to take a minute and look back on today and share a bit of my day with you. It starts bright and early at 5:30 this morning,  made the husband his coffee then remembered that he took today off of work. Oh well, move on to making the kids lunches, and starting a load of wash. Start waking up kids at 6:30 and the house starts hoping from now until 7:15 when they all head out the door. There are kids getting dressed,showering, eating, packing there lunches and so on, every time you turn around you risk stepping into someone.

Once they leave on the bus, I change the wash around and get the dining room cleaned up. Then it's time for my breakfast and a show on the computer. After that a quick shower, change the wash again and Aidan wakes up. Make him a bagel, and promise him that once he is dressed we will go outside to play.

Change the wash again and outside we go, we try to play baseball but mom is not much of a pitcher and Aidan takes a hit to the side. So it's on to another activity this time getting some seeds into the garden. Aidan helped to plant some lettuce and spinach and we talked about the other veggies that we need to plant and were they were going.

It was still pretty wet out from the storm the night before, so we head inside to watch some bob the builder and cuddle. Then it was 10 o'clock time to wake the daddy, once dad was ready we headed out to drop of the car at the shop and since we were already out that way a stop at K-mart for sandals for Kathryn ( found a great pair in her size, no heel, and with a back, covered toe and 1/2 the price this week) and some other things, and Mc Donald's for lunch.

Then time to drop off Aidan at school, talk to someone about Conner and homework, and finally a reward ceremony at school . Watched Conner and Nolan both get awards , then headed home. I enjoyed a bit of computer time, then Aidan was home time to try out the t-ball thing we got to hold the ball. No more mom injures, it is a success.

 Then I headed inside to get some fabric cut out, and to think about dinner. 5:30 time to drop off the dad at the school for practice and pick up Kathryn and Nolan from after school activities. Home dinner is sloppy joes and french fries, feed the kids and then back out to drop Kathryn and Aidan off at kids club at 6:15.

Home again for me a bit of quite and computer time, then at 8pm pick up the kids, get there showers done and pj's on, bedtime, pick up the house, and try to stay awake long enough to pick up the husband at 11pm. Then bedtime for the mom ,and some sleep before getting up in the morning do to this all again.

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