Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Cookie Party

During December I had two cookies parties for the kids, one was for my son Aidan's 1st grade friends and the other was for Kathryn's friends. I will say that I survived and will do it again next year, he had 6 friends over as there was a illness making it's way through first grade and 4 of his friends couldn't make it.

We held the party right after school so that the kids could ride the bus to my house, and pick up was 5:30 so the party was about 1 1/2 hours long.

I had pre made the sugar cookies the weekend before the party and stocked up on all types of fun toppings  the frosting was a simple butter frosting and my helper tasted it before the party and declared it good.

There was pink and white frosting and many different types of cookie shapes.

There were smiles on all the faces, and the kids ate one or two of their cookies, and made a plate full to take home.

They also each made a cookie that went on a plate for their teacher, which Aidan took in the next day to make sure that Mrs. Ludwig got her cookies.

Decorating cookies takes a lot of concentration.

Then it was time for a Christmas movie and snack of veggies and dip, apple juice and English muffin pizzas

We ended the night with a time filler of paper, crayons, and stickers.

Things to think about doing differently next time are, snack and craft first, then cookies and then the movie.

For me the best part was cuddling Aidan at bed time and him telling me that it was his best day ever.

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