Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rick and Ann's baby Shower

Well I am working on catching up on some blogging , this lovely shower took place Thanksgiving weekend

Tables all set for the guests

Thank you to Rachel and my mom and sisters for making these from my crazy ideas

Center pieces made by my mom

Games to play

Door Prizes for all

Prizes for Games

Cake table

Cake made by Sarah

Cookies made by mom lots of cookies

Cup cakes made by mom and the girls

All the food ready to serve

I get to help 

Whose idea was it to make this, Margery's and where is she?

If I drink more water then I will eat less cookies

A turtle fruit bowl

The mom to be

You want me to do what?

The scarf Sarah made as a door prize

It was a great shower full of fun, family, and food.Looking forward to the new baby arriving. 

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