Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Yesterday was a Christmas of ups and downs, I think Aidan summed it up nicely when he went to bed mommy it was a sad Christmas put also the best one ever.

The day started well with hot coco and croissants ready for the children to wake up, present time was planned for down stairs this time and not the living room, oops number one. The children are a whole lot bigger then the last time we had Christmas downstairs in the family room, lets say it was a tight fit but we did all fit just no room for the hot coco. 

Then I had numbered the gifts as I had placed them under the tree early and didn't want the kids to see them, and assigned random numbers so they couldn't peek. Guess who lost the list, yes I did but it did add some humor to our morning.

It was very nice to have all the kids home, as I know this time of our lives is wrapping up and Christmas morning in the next few years will have less of the children home as they start their own lives and adventures outside of the family home.

We were a bit on a time schedule this year as for the first time in 14 years I had to work on Christmas, but it was for a good reason so while I felt fine about it, the children who had never seen mom leave for work on Christmas were a bit disappointed by the idea . But due to what happened next they didn't even notice.

Normally after crossants and hot coco we relax while dad makes a nice brunch, I was picking up the kitchen before leaving for work, so he could and he was putting together my new chairs. When Aidan had headed outside to try out his skateboard on the sidewalk in the snow. He yelled Mom, Fisher( one of the dogs) is eating a duck, that wasn't good I called for the dad. They brought the duck inside but there was no way it was going to make it.

 Kathryn was crying, Sarah was trying to comfort the duck, Don was trying to get things under control , Pat and Travis were thinking duck for dinner, Aidan just wanted to talk about finding the duck and the blood on the snow, Conner was looking for the fist aid kit and Nolan was doing his own thing and I had to leave for work. Before I left we were able to get Kathryn out of her room and she brought the other duck inside so that it could say it's goodbyes. As you can guess brunch never happened.

       Duck watching us open presents from outside

We think that Fisher had a treat from Christmas and had gotten off his leash and the duck must have tried to sniff or take the treat and Fisher attacked. We have had the ducks since July and never once has Fisher even bothered with them, even when a child has let him out with out leashing him. Well the treats are in the trash.
When I got home from work they had the duck in a box and tomorrow it will be buried, even though Pat tried to say we could eat it no, it's was a pet.

When I got home from work things were a bit calmer, I put out snacks for lunch and enjoyed a book while sitting in my new chair, while around me the children played.

We enjoyed phone calls with some of the family as I couldn't find the cell phone today and we don't have long distance on the house phone. We Skype with grandma Jackie as the kids opened their gifts from her, and then it was time for mom to nap. 

We had a nice dinner of turkey and stuffing, and so on. All the children helped with the clean up and did some more Wii dance before we watched a family movie while mom and dad got to sit in the new chairs.

Then it was time to get Aidan to bed since it was way pass his bedtime and we have had a few to many days with late bedtimes. As I lay there cuddling him , he began to talk as this is our time when he has mom just to himself and he tells me all sorts of things that are on his mind.  He told me that it had been a sad day since the the duck died, but it was also a happy day as Jesus had been born. 

I love the minds of little children  it was a sad day and a happy day all at once, there are many of those in life and I only hope that all the days we have that have a bit of sad in them will also have hope in them for a better tomorrow.

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