Monday, February 3, 2014


One of this weeks goals has been to get the kids back into the routine of doing chores, we have had many different systems over the years and all have worked for different times. But something new was needed for this period of our lives, where we have only four children at home, and all are active in many different things.

So after much thought I went for 2 teams, team one is Conner (17) and Aidan (7), team two is Nolan(15) and Kat (13). The idea is usually if one team member is busy the other should still be home. For right now we are only doing dinner time chores like this, but I find if dinner time goes well the rest isn't too hard to keep up with.

After making the teams, I made two dinner time chore lists

List one:
Set Table for dinner
Clear Table after dinner
Wipe Table
Sweep floor in Living room and Dining room
Pick up living room
Take out trash

List Two:
Unload dishwasher if needed
Put away pots and pans if needed
Load dishwasher
Hand Wash pots and pans
Wipe counters
Sweep Kitchen floor

It is up to them to work together to divide the jobs. This week Nolan and Kat were assigned list two, Nolan loaded the dishwasher, did the counters, and swept the floor. Kat unloaded and put away pots and pans and washed the pots and pans. All picking jobs that they are good at, with mom helping out as needed. 

The next decision to make is whether they should switch lists every week, or every month. Right now I am leaning toward the month, so the list won't switch until March. After talking with the kids they would like to keep the same jobs for a much longer period of time.

The other thing I have done is serve dinner early and have the kids do their chores if Aidan has basketball which is from 6-7 or Nolan has play practice, since we normally eat at 6:30 when the dad gets home. We have been eating at 4:30-5pm on the nights I won't be home, saving a plate in the fridge for the dad, and I try to have a dessert for those nights as well since we are eating so early.

Two funny things that were said when I told the kids what we were going to be doing. Conner told me that the reason he doesn't do chores is he is trying to prepare me for when he is gone to college in just a year or two, my answer to him I guess I don't need to feed you for the next year or two as I get used to you not being here.

 Kathryn told me that she only washes dishes at Girl Scouts, that was answered with a quick then I guess I only want to use my money for me to travel, she did the dishes without another word.

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