Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Master Chef Cook Off

We are fan's of the show Master Chef around here and enjoy watching it, but of course being the family that we are that's not enough.

                     So we had our own cook off this summer :  

                                         Mom vs Dad

An item that neither of us had ever eaten or made before.
Since we do not have a Master Chef Pantry we were allowed to look up our recipes and make a shopping list.

Since we also don't have a Master Chef Kitchen we were allowed to set up workstations before hand.

Dad's Workstation

Mom's Workstation

The Tasting Area

But all the rules apply:
We only had 1 hour and once we started we were not allowed to go into the cupboards or fridge for more items.

One Stove made things interesting

I am in it to win, mine was going to be better then his, and since the kids were judges I had high hopes of winning.

The kids took their job as judges seriously asking questions while we cooked just like on the show. And that is very distracting when you are on a time limit, trying to make something you have never made and being asked questions all about it.

The dad thinks his potato based one is going to win, I don't think so.

What a messy workstation

Look at mine all nice and clean

This was mine based on ricotta cheese, served with a light tomato cheese sauce

The judges taking the tasting very seriously, looking at taste, texture, seasoning and more.

The Dad's potoae based, with a alfredo sauce

Who was the winner, well the kids were smart they called it a tie, after offering a lot of feed back on what was good and was bad.

Looking forward to the next challenge.

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