Monday, February 3, 2014

Menu Plan Monday 2/3

This is more of a menu re-cap of the last week, as I have found lately that we eat off the menu list but never on the days I plan to. I also am trying to keep track of the cost per meal in order to help cut the food budget yet still serve favorites.

Sunday - Star pasta aka Pastina cooked with carrots, chicken, diced onion and chicken broth served with green salad

Price for dinner - 6.25 or 1.04 per serving ( 6 people)

Monday- 3- Cheese Lasagna made with homemade noodles ( way easier than I ever thought and so yummy)

Price for dinner - 30.25 to make 3 Lasagnas one to eat two to freeze. Each Lasagna was 10.08 to make or 1.26 per serving ( 8 people)

Tuesday- Hot turkey sandwich w/ rice and peas, fresh veggies

Price for Dinner- 8.50 or 1.41 per serving  ( 6 people)

Wednesday- Hot dogs, fresh veggies, mac and cheese

Price for Dinner- 8.00 or 1.33 per person ( 6 people)

Thursday - A little bit of this a little bit of that otherwise known as Leftover Day

Price for Dinner - zero as it was leftovers from other nights.

Friday- Pizza Night w/ fresh veggies, the one night I don't cook as my 17 year old son is the master pizza chef around here

Price for Dinner- 12.50 for 3 large pizza's or 1.38 per person ( 9 people)

Saturday- Sub sandwiches for lunch and since the older kids were gone for dinner, leftover pizza for the rest of us.

Price for Dinner- 15.00 or 2.14 per person

So the average cost of dinner for the week per person was 1.38 ( including milk)

Also to add per meal per person 16 cents for milk.

* The reason the number for meals flexes is sometimes adult children come home to eat and some things my pans serve 8 so we plan on having leftovers.*

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  1. 3 cheese lasagna sounds fabulous! Italian food is always so good. Love that your son is the pizza maker. Hopefully some day I'll work my way out of having to do all the cooking. My oldest is only 3 but she loves to "help".

  2. I wish I had kids old enough to help with dinner! I also really hope that my son grows out of his picky eater stage so that fresh veggies sound more appealing to him.