Saturday, January 2, 2016

12 personal goals for this year

After much thought I have come up with 12 goals for myself this year some are household, some are personal, and others enriching.

1 Organize and De- Clutter every room in the house- We have been here in the new home for 6 months, and unpacked for about 3. I have a good feel for what is not working and what we need to make what is important to us fit. Part one of this is looking at different rooms and making a list of things needed. Such as baskets, shelves, storage, some of the things from the old home just don't
 work or fit her in the new one, We have done some things like building shelves in the garage.This house seems to have been designed around a tall person and I am rather short.

2. Start a Garden- this new home has a great yard but no garden yet and this year I would like to get one or two raised beds built and ready for spring. Not as large as the 9 we had at the old house but enough for this one.

3. Stay on Food Budget- the last six months have not been good on the budget, but having talked with my husband we are going to do some adjusting such has removing all non food items from my food budget and making a new line for them. We will see how this goes and may have to increase the food budget due to living in a new area. I have found these things to be the main issues 1- Food stores are  closer to us then they used to be, 2. I had my shopping down to an art in our old area I knew when things went on sale, were to get the best price on stuff and so on. I am still learning that here but working on it by building a price book.

4. Limit Take out- Pizza Delivery - We moved from an area where it was 20 min to the nearest place with take out, and pizza delivery what was that. To an area where you can get pizza delivered to the door ( should have seen the kids faces the first time the door bell rang and there was pizza on the other side)  and just about every type of take out is with in 5 min. We went a bit overboard in the last six months.

5. Limit Food Waste- this has become a bit of an issue since when the boys are at college I Am feeding only 4 people with normal appetites, but when they are home on breaks I am feeding 6 two who are teen boys and this is after having spent 9 years feeding 9 plus people at a meal. Food waste has been an issue since the move and I need to move the issue to the front of my mental list of things to think about.

6. Exercise 4x a week- I have gotten a bit fluffy and have started making changes and exercise 5x a week is what the personal trainer recommend, I am making my goal 4x to start and will see where it goes,

7. Walk / Run a 5K- This is a longer term goal there is one on our area in October that I would like to do.

8. Hike this summer- We have a three week adventure planned for this summer back to our old stomping grounds and one of the weeks we are camping. I want to be able to hike with my kids, and enjoy it.

9. Take the kids on adventure each month, we have moved to an area where there is a lot to do that is free and low cost and we just need to get out and do some it. I am a bit of a homebody so this will take effort on my part but I just need to get out there and do it.

10. Get back to sewing- Number one is getting a new machine the old one didn't make the move and then number two using it.

11. Make Soap- I have always wanted to learn how so this year I will

12. Do 3 minutes of stairs with out dying- This is the one exercise I feel real challenging and I know that if I can meet this goal, goal number 8 will be easier.

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