Monday, January 11, 2016

Celebrating the semester

While we don't believe in paying for good grades, we do believe in celebrating all that hard work. As one of the children once said if we paid them for grades we would be broke, my answer was more you should work hard in school because that is your job right now and the work you do now makes for better opportunities  later. They still think it would be a great idea to be paid since they had heard that there were kids out there, who did receive money for grades.

In the past we usually would go to Pizza Hut as a family and enjoy a meal and each other at the completion of a marking period and at the end of the year we would do something bigger like a trip to Chuck E Cheese. That was a very big deal with having a large family and a budget ,meals out didn't happen often. Life is a bit different now that we have only have four kids at home and  two of them still at home are really away at college most of the year.

So we saved our celebration for the end of the first semester, but most of our children have out grown Chuck E Cheese. So it was time to find something new, and it was a trip to Dave and Busters, we started the fun by playing 20 questions in the car, they knew that we were going on a adventure but where was unknown. So after singing the required song by Little Einsteins they started asking questions no one guessed where we were going so it was a nice surprise when we arrived. The youngest one I don't really think understood what fun he was going to have until after he had eaten and dad handed over the card to go play games, the look on his face. 

Our Adventure Song

Found out that Aidan is very good at skee ball, and Nolan is still very good at video games which really was not really a surprise but he was the only one who at the end of our time still had a ton of credits on his card. Speaking of cards those things are the greatest, no juggling tokens or tickets from games needed those cards years ago. 

Was this a pricey outing yes it was, but it was nice to connect with each other, the food was pretty good, and they all had fun. The youngest is a little more motivated to study his times tables as he really would like to go back again at the end of the school year. We did order from the Eat and Play Combo which cost us 24.99 a person and each person was given a 20 dollar play card. So 4.99 for the meal and 20 dollars to play games. Next time we will go on a Wednesday night since games are all 1/2 price so they will get more time to play. 

Looking forward to another great semester from the kids.

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