Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Our Adventure to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum

One of my goals this year was to explore our new area a bit more, plus with the husband being done with school for now we have more free time as a family. This month will be a busy one for outings as we try to fit in a few before the college boys head back to school.

Our first adventure was to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, I had gone there with the youngest earlier in the year on a school field trip and had enjoyed it and wanted to bring the rest of the family.

One very nice thing about this museum is it is free, there is a fee for parking but there is also plenty of street parking around if you don't mind a walk.

We played a game that I play with kids in museums especially art ones, we go into a gallery and I take a quick look at the pictures and then give them something to look for such as dogs, trees, and it gets them to spend the time looking at the picture and then I will ask what story is the picture telling. It was pretty cool that when we were looking at a piece of art from the middle ages, it was a alter piece , the youngest one was able to tell the story the piece was telling.

The kids really enjoyed being able to see many different types of art, we were a bit sad that the Japanese Art wing was closed until summer but it gives us a reason to go back. But a art museum is a great way to take a peek at different cultures and later talk about them.

 A little bit of better planning my part would have made the day even better, mostly having a snack in the car and feeding the bottomless pit aka the youngest one before going in would had made the day better. About an hour into the visit all he could think about was his stomach, and we heard a lot about how he was starving. But he made it though another 45 mins and a quick trip outside to the sculpture park.

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