Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hands on Spelling ideas

I thought I would share some ideas that I will use for hands on spelling, this summer to help the kids. We will be trying them out Easter week, and I have seen most of them used in my son's 2nd grade classroom.


  1. Shaving cream - I use a placemat, and shaving cream.( placemat free, shaving cream .99 a can )


  1. Bumpy Boards - Plastic Canvas (from the craft department), plain paper and crayon. The child writes each word out on the white paper that is on top of the plastic canvas, and then runs their finger over each letter. ( plastic canvas .25 )



  1. Abc order – they have to place the words in ABC order, for those with trouble handwriting they use index cards with their words written on them.


  1. White board – they write there words 3 x each on a white board (more fun then paper)



  1. Magnetic Letters – I use a clear craft sorter divided into 25 spots, and on top write the letters in sharpie. Then I have about 5 sets of magnetic letters sorted into the container. And they use a cookie sheet from the dollar store to spell their word out on. For the older kids I sometimes use scrabble letter tiles instead. ( total cost to make 5.00 for dollar tree letter, 4.00 for 2 craft sorters, and 1.00 for a cookie sheet)



  1. And lastly I made up a simple game board, and each child has a pile of there own words written on index cards, starting from the beginning and adding as time goes by. They take turns rolling the die and spelling the words from there pile. And for wrong answers they have go back one space. My Kindergarten child sometimes spells the word or I may have her read it to me instead. A great way to review words.( index cards .99, foam board 1.00, stickers 2.00, scrap paper free )


Except for the game these are all activities that they can do on their own and must do each activity 1x per week, I will make a check list that they can use to keep track of which ones they have done.


I will be using the Spelling Power book to place them on the right lists and using the lists for their words. I will modify it some by giving them 10 words per week, so over a 6 week summer learning period they should do 60 words.


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