Friday, March 24, 2006

Weekend plans

Weekend work list


Outdoor work:


Small trash pick up along edge of property (driveway, backyard)

Rake trash in large trash area.

Restack un- stacked wood

Van clean out and vacuum

Measure and plan spot for shed

Burn cardboard


Indoor work:


Dad – paint wall in living room

          Rest of carpet out and bagged

          Fix wiring in kitchen

          Change light bulb in Garage (mom can’t reach)


Mom- feed everyone

            Keep kitchen clean

            Supervise kids work indoors


Patrick – help dad with outside work

               Keep family room clean


Sarah- Help dad with outside work

           Keep living room and dining room clean


Conner – Help dad with outside work

                Keep upstairs bathroom clean.


Nolan – Help dad with outside work

              Keep stairs swept, and hallway clean


Kathryn – Help dad with outside work

                 Help mom with jobs



Fun stuff –

Saturday – Sarah All- County Chorus – concert at 3pm (Norwich)

Sunday – Church 9-12

               Puppet 12-1

               Nolan Birthday dinner 5-6pm (Taco Bell)

               Family Skate Oneonta – 6- 8:30 (family of 4 – 8.00, 1.00 for each extra) (total cost 11.00)



And hopefully baby won’t decide to be born this weekend, as there just isn’t time to fit it in.

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  1. rotflmteo!!!! I don't know how you fit all that in without the baby being born, but that last touch was priceless. :)