Friday, March 3, 2006

Please help me judge

The kids are always building lego's and wanting me to judge, which always result in you love him more problems. So this thime I said I would post them on my blog and others could help me judge.


Photo #1



This is a jet with side magents for digging for lode stones.


Photo # 2



This is a picture of giant bunny, in front of a secert tomb.


Picture # 3



This a picture of dragon training, the man is training the new dragon, while the big dragon in back helps.


Thank you for your help in judging these new creations of theirs.


  1. I think they all three deserve a big blue ribbon. Excellent Work!

  2. ...the the dragon one. I love dragons!

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    Thank you

  3. I liked all of them. My youngest son likes "the pink one" (I think that means the bunny). My middle son likes the airplane... he's very into airplanes. The oldest went "Whoa!" at the dragon, which I think was his vote.

    I guess we have a tie. *laugh*


    (Thanks for the tip about not losing weight after girls, but losing the weight after boys. I hadn't thought about that!)

  4. I love them all!

    It is alot better then I can do!lol