Wednesday, March 8, 2006

What a week !

Well this time a year I usally avoid the Mcdonald's Play place as to the number of germs there. Well Saturday my friend took my childern for that I could have a day to myself to rest, with the baby due in 5 weeks and dh gone on active duty. They went rollar skating, lunch at Mc Donald's, and then the free science museum at the local collage.


Then on Sunday after church we went to Lowe's and I treated them to McDonald's, were the three youngest played in a very croweded play place.


Monday morning Nolan was sick to his tummy and Conner had a fever. Tuesday was met with Nolan still sick and Conner a little better. But a phone call to come pick him up from class and he slept the rest of the day. And today was met with Conner climbing in my bed at 4 am hot, and then Kathryn throwing up in my bed at 4:30.


Conner did go back to class today and Kathryn stayed home. I hope tomorrow is back to normal.


Pat is outside right now clearing a spot for the dumpster that will be coming on Friday, the dumpster is 22 ft long and 8 ft wide and 4 feet tall. I will be having fun over the next 3 months filling that dumpster with not only the contents of the old kitchen but a major clean out of the garage and house.


This weekend looks to be busy to, with the contractor coming to install the last piece of countertop, and Nolan going to his gifted science program on Saturday too.


And I still have to pick up the badges my troop earned before Monday night.

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