Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My New Garden

My son Pat with dad's money built me some rasied bed gardens. There will be four of them when they are all finished. The first two are ready for planting and one other one is ready for dirt and the fourth is yet to be made. Maybe this weekend he will get it built.

The first bed has carrots ( 128 ), lettuce ( 32) , Radishes( 32), Broclli ( 8),spinach ( 18), Onions ( 64),peas ( 32), and snap Peas ( 32),

Bed number 2 has 20 strawberry plants,

Bed # 3 is going to have 6 roma tomato plants and 1 cherry and 1 beefsteak tomato I will plant these at the end of the month when all chance of frost should be gone. And I will plant some more spinach and lettuce around those plants.

Bed #4 is going to have 6 cucumber plants, and 7 pepper plant. I think I cannot find the plan right now. I was hopping to plant some pumpkins somewhere else in the yard I just do not know yet.



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