Thursday, May 3, 2007

Our home on Thursday


Well today was another busy day here at the Eagle’s Nest, housework wise I did another load of wash and a general pick-up. Then I headed outside, were we hung more laundry to dry, and worked more on the garden.

Then it was time for repairs, I have to fix the washer as the cold water intake is clogged with dirt the real fine kind, but of coarse I couldn’t find the right pair of pliers so that repair will need to be done tomorrow. After Pat’s tutoring, Aidan fell asleep so I left him with Pat and took the three amigos with me to get the snow tries off the van. While when we got here they couldn’t see me until 3pm so off to the library in town to waste time until 3pm. I have never been in this library but found that they have a great children’s area so I will be back this summer with the kids. After the tires I stopped by home and picked some of my kids and all the cousins’ clothes and drove out to DH work and dropped off the cousins as they are heading to grandma’s house.

 I also picked up the wood for my raised beds so my son Pat will be working on them tomorrow, as I would like to get my cool weather plants into the garden this weekend.

 As far as meals went we had French toast sticks for breakfast and I burned the sausage. Lunch was turkey sandwiches and I made myself an egg and cheese burrito. Dinner was on the run as I was driving kids all over so we had Arby’s roast beef sandwiches.,

 And we did do some school work today.

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