Thursday, May 3, 2007

Our home on Wednesday


What a day I spent most of it waiting for the pool guys to come, which they never did. But I did get the kitchen floor and living floor washed, and Aidan slept though his PT. I did get more laundry done and hug on the line. Plus the daily work of school, and kitchen work.

 For breakfast we had cereal and lunch was leftover hamburgers. Dinner was an open the fridge and have an idea meal as I was feeding 12 yesterday and 10 were kids. We had beef potpie, I used the leftover beef from dinner on Monday, added some gravy, peas, carrots, corn, and some canned potatoes (I didn’t have any leftover ones). Then all into a pan and topped with biscuits, and into the oven.

 Then there were the evening activates the two oldest girls here went to youth group; the youngest 6 (but not the baby) went to Word of Life Club. My oldest son stayed with the baby until dh got home. And I went to the track for an hour of exercise, well I made it 30 min before I just could walk any more. Then pick everyone up and home to bed.

 Tomorrow my extra 3 kids head home with my dh who is taking them

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