Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fall Sports 2012

This Fall was a busy one as while we only have 4 kids at home now, there are no drivers other then me and my husband, and we have been a bit spoiled with having Pat and Sarah driving.  This year we also  had the four children that were home on 4 different teams.

Aidan was on the under 8 soccer team this year and had a great time with his friends  and had a great coach.   His practices were on Mondays and Fridays, with games on Saturdays. He was very sad when soccer ended.

Don made it to a lot of games this year.

I think that Aidan loved running the most, his big thing was since he has been watching Pat, Sarah, Conner, Nolan, and Kathryn at their games since he was born they should come to his games.

During the older kids games he was always happy to see his friends who also had older brothers or sisters on the team and they would have a game of soccer on their own behind the bleachers. Never knew the rules but most of the time it went well with little parent interference needed.

Kathryn was on Modified field hockey, which meant practice every day but Sunday and games in between.

Their team might have just had enough girls to make a team 7 on the field and one goalie but  when they played against other teams many that had 3 times as many girls they still won. Tired but they did it.

This is her don't mess with me face.

Kat played a  lot of defense and also midi some times.

I am very proud of her playing this year, and in fact we are doing winter field hockey this year. Thankfully that is only one night a week and is more about learning skills.

Nolan played Modified Soccer as a 9th grader as we have no JV team. He was the Jolly Green Giant on the team aka the tallest kid by far, he grew just a bit this summer.

He played a great defender, he may not be able to move fast and running may not be his greatest skill. But he did have a great kick that could send the ball down the field  Next year I think he needs contacts as he would keep on stopping to clean his glasses.

Conner played on the varsity team, he may not have gotten to play often as the team was a good size this year. But when he did play he did his best and had fun, he also grew in his soccer skills this year and I am looking forward to seeing him play for another 2 years.

I love our soccer fields in the fall with all the hills around us changing color.

He is turning into quite the young man.

I always wonder how they do this and not fall over.

Proof that not only can Nolan get dirty ( but he was the cleanest on the team after the mud soccer game aka homecoming) but also proof that I was at games, must have been raining as I was wearing Don's gortex. I had to make a rule years ago for my own sanity that Mom would make it to as many home games as I can, but away games unless the next town over not happening.

Fall sports are long over and we are into winter sports Bowling for Conner and Nolan, indoor field hockey for Kat, and dribble ball for Aidan.

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