Monday, January 7, 2013

Summer Fun 2012

This summer even though I was working we fit in a lot of fun. Kathryn was able to spend almost a month at her Grandma's and Aunt's house, and she went to horse camp for a week. Aidan went to day camp for three weeks this summer which might have been a bit to much for him. The boys also went to camp this summer for a week with their dad.

We spent alot of time at the pool in the next town over, the kids really enjoy their Friday family fun nights when they get to have pizza and pool toys.

Aidan was very proud to be able to swim in the big pool and not the kiddy pool as he as managed to grow taller and is a pretty good swimmer for his age.

But there were also many times when he would rather pout then join in the fun.

Nolan was happy to have more time to read.

Sarah spent most of her summer in the lifeguard chair, she loved teaching the little kid swimming classes this summer.

Conner could even be found with a book or two in hand during the summer.

We enjoyed many a outing to Cole Park, with cousins and friends.

Aidan thought he was the coolest kid around

There was even fishing this summer with grandpa and big brother Pat. And best of all Aidan while spending  time with his grandpa learned to ride his bike without training wheels.

Trips to local fairs to see the animals and show them off to visiting cousins

Pool time in the back yard, it was a great summer for swimming, but I think Aidan might need a new life jacket this summer.

The discovery museum was the place to be.

Even Grandpa got into it,so that's what he wanted to be when he grew up.

I am super monkey

Even mom found time to read

Games were played in the front yard, never sure what the rules were but usually it involved hiding when cars drove past and wearing capes.

Looking at all these pictures of green , when out my window is snow makes be hope-full that soon all will be green again. But not to soon, last years weather resulted in little or no apple crop.

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