Friday, January 4, 2013

Washington DC trip Girl Scouts June 2012

I really do have blogging to catch up on, this is a trip I took with my two daughters Kathryn and Sarah in June when we went with their troop to Washington DC for the 100 anniversary of the Girl Scouts.

We stayed in a youth house owned by a church in Baltimore. It was nice to have space to relax between activities and a kitchen to prepare meals in.

This is the group of girls we took with us, they all look fresh and ready to face the day. This day we went to the Baltimore zoo and then later out to dinner.

Kathryn had the nerve to ask if she could have one of these, should have seen me laughing.

Sarah made me laugh alot on this trip, her she is trying to lay a egg.

Kathryn on the other hand  pouts for awhile.

After a bit she gets over it,and starts to enjoy herself.

She laid her egg 

Have to get a picture of the mom.

She is sending a letter home via owl mail

Mom could I please have this goat.

I really enjoyed spending time with just the girls, love my boys but sometimes girl only time is a great thing.

Kathryn and Sarah both smiling at the same time I might go into shock.

Mom's turn, I am ready to pass out by this point since it had been a hot sticky day, and I don't do hot and sticky.

After this, we headed back to the house, and Sarah since she was head turnip was put in charge of getting a party of 20 women and girls showered and ready to go with only 2 bathrooms. She did it, and mind you if you didn't follow the shower schedule that she posted. We then headed out to dinner and getting there a bit late due to traffic, but it was a great dinner and show. The show was "Hairspray", which the girls loved.

The next day it was time to head into DC and we took the subway. Mind you, we are  county girls and the last time I was on a subway was 25 years ago in Toronto, Kathryn had never been on one, and Sarah's last time was when she was in Europe. Sarah looks ready to face the world.

Kathryn on the other hand is thinking 'I am not to sure about this'.

The girls were very happy to find the FAA building and had to pose with the sign for their dad who works for them. One of the girls, Sarah or Kathryn I do not recall, had the nerve to ask, "Who was Wilbur Wright?".

Since we are not much for heat and crowds we headed to a museum, The Native American one interested the girls.

Me and my tribe of girls

The  girls that were in my group.

The whole group hot, sticky, tired and ready to relax. After the mall event, we headed to out to eat and then  shower and relax.

While most of the group hung out at the mall listening to the music, visiting with past friends and enjoying the day, we headed to a museum since I am not a lover of crowds or the heat. There was a major lack of shade at the event and we had three goals for a museum: air, flush toilets and a place to rest. Well, we walked past a bunch of museums, some that Kathryn really wanted to see, like the National Museum of Natural History, but the lines to get in were out the door and around the block . The lines were full of Daisy's and Brownies whose leaders were also looking for a place to cool down with their girls. So we kept on walking trading with other girl scouts as we went along. If you look at the tie around Kathryn's neck you can see how much she collected as we walked along. 

We ended up in the National Art Gallery which made Sarah and most of the rest of the group happy. On the other hand, Kathryn the youngest in the group really wasn't into art. So I had to invent a game to keep her happy, we would walk into a gallery and she would have to walk around looking at all the paintings counting how many animals she could find.

And to make every one laugh a bit, I couldn't figure out how not to get lost in the gallery's. Each little room led into another little room, and then another. How would I ever find my way back to main hall? I was thinking, "Do people ever go into an art museum and never find their way out again?". I could picture it in a film, "The Lost Girl Scouts". They went into the museum and to this day wander the halls.  Finally, one of the girls pointed to the baseboard where very discreetly there was the word written "EXIT". So each room in a gallery had 3 or 4 doors and if you followed the ones that said exit, you would eventually come to the main hall again.

The next day we attended services at the church that had hosted us in their youth house. Of course I remembered to let my girls know that they could take communion but warned them it wasn't grape juice but wine. I could just picture it if I had not given them a warning. They walk up to take communion, the wafer no problem but then they head over to the cup and take a sip and the next thing they do is spit it out all over the priest. Better to whisper down the row, it's wine not grape juice. The girls chose to take the wafer and forego the communion cup.

Then it was time to head home, and while on the way there they were full of energy and singing girl scout songs for the whole 5 hour trip, on the way home it was quiet as they all slept.

This trip showed me a couple of things. One, our big van was not meant to drive in hot temps with a full load of 12 people and traffic. It had no problems in OK City a year or two before but that was driving with no traffic and only 6 people. And two, but most of all, that I need to plan another trip with just my girls. It was great to spend time with them and build on our relationship between mother and daughters.

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