Friday, December 10, 2010

Freezer Friday

Usually on Friday this post will be about what I am adding to the freezer or about what I am planning to get into the freezer. But this month I am trying not to add to the freezer but use it up, so here are some of the meals this week we have enjoyed out of the freezer.

Taco Kits - My daughter told me I cheated with dinner on this one as I walked in the house, into the kitchen and 5 minutes later called everyone for dinner. A taco kit has cooked and seasoned ground beef, cheese , and soft taco shells all in there own bags, place all three things in one large zip lock, and freeze. To make place in fridge in morning ( if you remember), at dinner time heat up the meat, chop some lettuce and tomato, pull out the taco sauce and enjoy. Faster and cheaper then fast food.

Honey Chicken - par- grilled chicken breasts , drizzled with honey and brown sugar freeze. To cook add one can of pineapple and heat. Serve with rice.

Chicken Enchiladas   - used the recipe from here with a few changes for the kids taste buds-Grilled Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas , heat in oven and serve.

 Quiche- this I freeze the parts, in a kit goes 2 pie crusts, cheese, taco meat ( this time we used leftover ham and saved the taco meat for another meal). Pull out add eggs and milk and cook.

And tonight we are having quick chicken soup, using grilled cubed chicken, chicken broth, and veggies, all from the freezer.

Here is another site with some other idea's for freezing food for Christmas :Freezer Friday at Thriving Mama


  1. Great idea's! We were thinking alike again, sort of - I posted yesterday on thrifty meals ☺