Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Teacher cookie box recipies

The teacher cookie boxes were a success, all the teachers loved them and I like to give teachers gifts that are consumable to not add clutter to there homes.

The first cookie is a very yummy chocolate cookie with chocolate chips, topped with a Hersey kiss. With that much chocolate it has to be yummy.  Aidan was in charge of placing the Hersey Kiss on top and he did a very good job.
                                                 Picture from The Farm Girl Recipes Blog

Chocolate- cookies with Christmas cookies

Next up was these coconut cookies, the only change I made was instead of frosting them I dipped them in melting chocolate.

Coconut Cookies

Then it was Chocolate covered graham crackers, and that is easy, just dip graham crackers into chocolate, let dry on wax paper, then using a fork dipped in white chocolate drizzle the white on top.

Next up snickerdoodles, and that recipe comes from my old red checkered Better Homes cookbook, Snickerdoodles and you can tell it is a favorite around here as the page is splattered and there a pencil markings showing how to triple the recipe. I like snickerdoodles as they are a easy cookie to make with young children. Rolling a ball shape and then rolling in cinnamon sugar is fun for any kid and easy on the mom to. We did change it a bit this year by dipping the top of the balls in Andes mint chips instead of rolling in cinnamon this year.

Sugar cookies were done using this recipe Best Rolled Sugar Cookies  the best one I have ever worked with, thank you to a friend the same one with the coconut recipe, that made me aware of that recipe. You don't even need to roll it, it is soft enough to flatten out with your hands.

Another kid favorite is dipping pretzel sticks in chocolate and then rolling in sprinkles, that is a bit more of a mess but is a lot of fun. And once you run out of sprinkles just dip in one color chocolate and drizzle with another color. Quick and easy, when I had forgot that I was supposed to take cookies to church, I made a bunch of these up in the time it took the kids to get ready to leave the house.

Picture from Google Images

       This year I did end up getting clam- shell containers from the local restaurant store, that made it easier to move the cookies from home to school and made a nice presentation, with some tissue paper added.

Sorry no pictures of the sugar cookies as the camera died, but each box got 2-4 sugar cookies added.

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