Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturdays are for Books

In keeping with the idea of a theme for each day so that I will keep on writing, sort of like the journal prompts that teachers use in school, Saturdays theme is going to be books. What I am currently reading, children's books that we love, and some book reviews.

We have a book that was given to us by a friend at church who saw it and thought about our family when he saw it. It is called The Seven Silly Eaters written by Mary Ann Hoberman and iillustrated by Marla Frazee.
It is a story about seven children added to a family one by one and how each one only likes to eat a certain food, and how over time the mom gets very tired trying to make each child happy. But in the end the children learn to help there mother and the family learns to work together.

I really like the illustrations in this books, they really show life in a larger then normal family the good, the bad, and the fun. The illustrations are very detailed, from the pictures on the fridge, to the kids hanging on the door knob, the pictures alone tell a story.

If you have a chance to buy or check this one out from the library you will surly enjoy it.

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