Thursday, February 9, 2006

family photo

My dh asked me to add a family photo, well this is the only one I have right now. And our oldest son is missing from the photo. It was taken at the family picnic for the base last year, right around when my dh went on active duty. All the childern are taller now and my belly is the size of a basketball with baby # 6.



Looking at this picture they have grown alot in 6 mos. my oldest daughter looks me in the eye now. Maybe this weekend we will try to get another photo taken. Well I am off to get a nap in before the crowd comes home.

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  1. Just like my subject line, don't let her fool you! She is lovingly trying to be nice to me. Although we all look like we ate too much (the sun was in our eyes for the picture), the main reason she posted this picture is because my highschool is working on its 20th reunion and the last picture posted of me in this blog is from when we had VBS at our church. In it, I look REALLLLY FAT! I'm not! It was the clothes I had on. I asked her to post a friendlier picture. My darling wife misplaced the cable to hook our camera up to the computer to download pictures and this was the only one she had saved of the family that she had access to.

    I love her. ;-)