Sunday, February 12, 2006

Praying with one eye closed

Today in church I wondered if I will ever pray with both eyes closed. My 5 year old has gotten to the stage were I can pray with both closed, except she gets a little wiggly toward the end. And the boys always wonder how did mom see me bump my brother if her eyes were closed. With the new baby coming soon, I will be back to full -time praying with one eye open. I guess what I am trying to say that this makes it even more important that I take time in the morning or when it doesn't matter if the kids are loud and wiggly to pray.


I also have to remind myself that God hears my prayers weather my eyes are closed or if they are wide open. And of course I could concentrae on prayer more in church if the childern were not there. But I think God would rather they be with us learning together, then to have my full attention during prayer. This is only a brief time in our lives and someday I will be able to pray with both eyes closed and all of my mind on the prayer. But right now I am bringing up a new generation of belivers for him.



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