Thursday, February 2, 2006

The old kitchen

Here are some photo's of the old kitchen before it all came down.


The reason for the space were a ref. would normally go, is last year the fridge died and the big question was do we go with the fridge that fits the spot or the fridge that we wanted. We went with the bigger fridge it is all fridge no frezzer, and I love it.



This is going around the room the other side of the sink and yes that is the dishwasher hose hanging over the sink. As while we were able to hook up the hotwater for the dishwasher the drain was not able to be contected. So for 3 years it has drained into the sink.



This is once agian going around the room. The thing I did love about this set up was that I had a baking center, with a spot for a mixer and all the baking items.



And this is the wall were the fridge is, and that is Kathryn in the picture. This is opposite the wall were the stove is, and on the other side of this wall is the dining room. At one time when a smaller family lived here this was the eating area in the kitchen.


Well I will post some of the new kitchen a little later, so come on back for a look.

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