Thursday, February 23, 2006

New school supplies

Well I love new types of school supplies and recently saw two new ones I like. The first is Twistables from Crayola, they are like the coolest crayons for adults. Well I guess kids will like them to. They are crayons in a pen-type case, so while you can't use the whole side of the crayon, you do get a nice point and it doesn't melt in your hand. And for some reason maybe because they are bigger they don't disappear to werever crayons go along with the socks when you are not looking.


The second school supply is index cards that are sticky on the back like a post it. These cards really stick well and because they index cards, they don't tear or get lost. My current use for them has to do with chores, I write what needs to be done in a room and stick the card on the door and when done I get the card back. But I am very sure I will think of many more jobs for them.

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