Monday, February 20, 2006

Kitchen Cleaning

DH bought me a new kitchen, and this cleaning list is how I plan on keeping it clean and nice looking.


Kitchen Cleaning




Polish cupboards



Bi- Yearly – January and July


  1. Move fridge clean underneath

  2. Move stove clean underneath

  3. Wash curtains

  4. Dust top of pantry

  5. Clean oven

  6. Clean under stove top


Every 3 Months (Feb., May, Aug, November)


1. Clean top of fridge

2. Clean and wipe out pantry




  1. Wash floor (Monday)

  2. Clean one cupboard or drawer out (every cupboard and drawer will done 1x every 17 weeks) (Tuesday)

  3. Clean out trash can (Wednesday)

  4. Clean out fridge and wipe front (Monday)



1.       Am

a.     Unload dishwasher

b.    Breakfast prep

c.     Load dishwasher

d.     Wash pots

e.     Wipe counters

f.     Light candle

2.     Lunch

a.     Lunch prep

b.    Clean-up

c.     Wipe counters

d.     Wash pots

3.     Dinner (see detailed list on fridge also applies to weekend lunch)

a.     Set Table – Nolan

b.    Clear table – Sarah

c.     Dishes – Kathryn w/ Mom (Set dishwasher to run in 6 hrs)

d.     Sweep floor and empty trash – Conner

e.     Wipe stove, microwave, counters – Patrick

f.     Everyone – clear own spot, scrape plate

4.     Before bed

a.     Put away pot and pans

Last minute tidy

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  1. I can come up with great schedules for myself .... it's the follow through that I have trouble with! We just had our 6th 12 weeks ago!