Thursday, January 13, 2011

Allegany is coming in 6 months

Our bi-yearly family trip to Allegany State Park will be at then end of July this year. This time we have 3 cabins, one for Don and Marge and the girls, one for Mom and Dad and whoever happens to fit, and one for the boys to sleep in. More information like packing lists, menu's, and so on will be coming later as we get closer.

This is the cabin that Don and Marge have it is the same one we had in 2007

This year we are hoping for alot less rain then we had in 2009, and weather more like 2007. Here are some more pictures from 2007.                                                                                                                           

Don relaxing with a coloring book

Dom and Sarah Playing Checkers

Conner getting sprayed

Sabrina and Danny at the creek

It's crayfish mom

Thunder Rocks that and the bear caves are two places we try to get to each time.

And some pictures from 2009
I am not sure if there is room for the kids

Our favorite creek

Buddy system for Thunder Rocks

The boys love it, I just shut my eyes and keep the first aid kit handy

Even the little ones want to climb

Ruling the world is much more fun with your cousins

This year we will be close enough to the flush toilets that you can avoid seeing the inside of this building

Boys got dish duty

A nature hike

Looking down from the stone tower

A smiley face,taken from the fire tower


allegany 2009

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