Monday, January 3, 2011

Menu Plan Monday- 1-3

What I have done to make menu planning easier is make up a winter menu with 4-5 different choices for each day.

Monday is pasta, Tuesday is beans, Wednesday is chicken, Thursday is Mexican, Friday is soup, Saturday leftovers, and Sunday is beef. Then each week I pick one thing for each day,or show the husband and get his input on what he would like to eat this week. Winter Menu Plan

We also are still working on including more veggies and fruits in our meals.

Monday- Ravioli w/ salad, and oranges

Tuesday-Cowboy Beans (with biscuits and corn) w/ salad and melon

Wednesday- Chicken and Stuffing w/ green beans and pineapple

Thursday- Beef Enchilada w/ salad and apples

Friday-  Chicken and dumplings w/ salad and banana

Saturday- Leftovers

Sunday- Meatloaf w/ mashed potato, peas, salad, melon

Breakfast - this is a bit up in the air, but cearl, muffins, pancakes, and so on.

Lunches- this week are once again Packed Lunches

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