Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Works for me Wednesday- Kitchen Timer

There is this wonderful thing at the dollar store that every house should have one or more of, and that is a kitchen timer.


In our home I use one for the laundry, when I go downstairs to start a load I program a few minutes before the stop time. Then I go about daily life and when it dings I head downstairs to fold what's in the dryer and change the wash around. When my timer has died like it did this week, laundry is not nearly done as efficient.

With the children it is helpful for timing reading, homework, music practice time, even showers for the teens.

I use one for my computer time, if I am taking a computer break, set the timer and when it dings it is time to get back to work.

When it it canning season the timers are great, just set for the time your cans need to process and no more wondering what time did I put those cans in.

What do you use Kitchen Timers for ?

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  1. Our timer is mostly used when the kids want to take a school break. You may take one in the morning and one in the afternoon, whenever you choose, as long as you set the timer for 15 minutes. We used to use them for instrument practice too. They had to do a minimum of 20 min. on the lesson and then could have 10 min. for playing for fun. Then of course, I use a timer when I cook so I don't forget and burn stuff!! When the kids were little we used the timer for a 20 min. cleanup of the house. I would hand out cleaning assignments and we would set the timer and RUN. We could set the house to rights in 20 min before daddy came home from work and it wasn't too painful because it was only 20 minutes!! :)

  2. Great tips! Thank you so much!