Saturday, January 1, 2011

Freezer Friday - 12/31

This week was not a real big re-stock freezer week but there were some meal parts added to the freezer. There is now 3 meals of Turkey Pot Pie in the freezer waiting to be added to pie crusts, and baked up some day for dinner.

Also top round beef was an sale locally for 1.79 a pound this week, so 2 roasts were done up in the crock pot with some onion. Then shredded and most of it went into the freezer to be used in soup, stew, or another beef meal. The rest of it was added to potato and carrots with some of the beef broth making for a beef stew for dinner, then on Sunday the leftover beef stew will have some more beef broth added, some more veggies and find it self topped with Bisquick mix turning into a pot pie type dish.

There also are 4 more roasts in the freezer that will be cooked up some day, once I have some ideas on how to use them in recipes.

So what was added to your freezer this week ?


  1. I got a good deal on chicken legs (my kids call them chicken bones ☺) I also got a pretty good deal on pork chops on the bone. Two extra packages of each - so that's 4 extra meals. I'm happy about that.

  2. That is great, this week I saw that ground beef is on sale localy and since there is none in the freezer right now I will be stocking up on that this week.